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Solar Photovoltaic (PV): Generating own Electricity & FIT's

For this installation we recommended Micro Inverters (one for each panel), to maximise the generation output of the Panasonic HIT panels.

Because this roof was facing East of South East the installation is subjected to a degree of shading by the chimney in the winter months with low sun angles. The Micro Inverters automatically compensate for this shading, thus unlike a string inverter installation, the effect on the electricity generated is minimal.

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“ Solargreenpower are a local company with an excellent reputation, so I gave them a ring. (I did not want a nationwide outfit who do the job and then you never see again).

The installation was carried out very swiftly and I am very satisfied with the installation, and the F.I.T's I am receiving which are very slightly more than predicted......... in spite of the worst summer in 100years. Well done Solargreenpower ”

Mr & Mrs R ……………. Prestbury, Cheshire

Use the power of the sun to heat & power your home