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Solar Thermal: Domestic Hot Water

Solargreenpower installed a 300 litre factory insulated mains pressure solar storage cylinder complete with solar heating coil, central heating top up coil and two immersion heaters (just in case), and a HW mixing valve so they don't need sunshine every day.

The 40 evacuated tube panel is on their south facing roof. The system is controlled by a solar controller and they were delighted with the installation, the free hot water, and the greatly reduced gas bill which they initially monitored every day.

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“ There is a tremendous "sense of elation" every time we have a nice hot shower knowing it is "Free" , and that we have reduced our carbon footprint by not using any gas to heat the water!!!

The installation was very professional, with minimum disruption to our daily routine, my husband is a professional engineer himself and he is absolutely delighted with the installation. We would recommend without hesitation. ”

Mr & Mrs S ……………. Prestbury, Cheshire

Use the power of the sun to heat & power your home