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Solargreenpower installed a 4kW Peak Solar PV system on this South West facing roof, the object being to complement the existing solar thermal water heating system, and to reduce the customer's electrical energy costs.

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“ We have an Aga with an electric heating element which is permanently switched on. The PV Solar Installation on our roof means that during the daylight hours the electricity generated is used to heat our Aga instead of using mains electricity which we have to pay for. We get the feed in tariff payments from our energy supplier as well as the free electricity. Any surplus electricity we generate and do not use, we export back to our energy supplier and they pay us for that as well.

Solargreenpower did a first class job for us. We just gave them the keys and went on holiday. When we came back it was all done and dusted to our complete satisfaction. ”

Mr & Mrs H ……………. Prestbury, Cheshire

Use the power of the sun to heat & power your home