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Solar Thermal: Domestic Hot Water – Solar PV: Generating Own Electricity & FIT's

In 2007 Solargreenpower installed a Solar Thermal Hot water heating system, consisting of a 300 litre mains pressure HW cylinder, and a 60 tube vacuum evacuated solar collector on the roof.

In 2011 Solargreenpower installed a PV system to enable the customer to generate their own electricity. Solargreenpower is M.C.S. registered which meant our customer was also able to claim the Feed in tariffs from their energy supplier.

We recommended Micro Inverters because of the different orientation of the roof, SW/SE, also to allow actual viewing of the solar system and the output it is generating, in real time, on-line.

Approved Installers:

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“ We were so delighted with all the free hot water we got, and dumping the surplus to our under-floor heating system, that in 2011 we decided to have a PV system installed to generate our own electricity as well.

So because the solar thermal system reduced our gas bill, and the solar PV system reduced our electricity bill: the money we receive in F.I.T. payments from EON is more than the cost of our gas & electricity bills added together.

Thank you Solargreenpower for two jobs very well done. ”

Mr & Mrs O ……………. Prestbury, Cheshire

Use the power of the sun to heat & power your home